The George Daniels' Educational Trust Advisory Committee

Encouraging Excellence in Clock and Watchmaking through Education


As a result of a significant bequest from the late George Daniels, pioneer independent watchmaker and inventor, a new initiative to benefit the British clock and watch industry has been established. The trust fund has been set up to encourage and financially assist apprentices and students, with grants and bursaries for training in all aspects of horology. The George Daniels Educational Trust is an Isle of Man registered charity (Number 1096).

By actively supporting those wishing to make a career from horology in the UK, whether employed or self-employed, the trust fund will ensure that future generations are given the opportunity to develop their horological skills.

George Daniels is considered by many to have been the catalyst for the renaissance of the mechanical watch in the late 20th Century. Working alone over a period of forty years, he created 24 remarkable mechanical watches, each one a Masterpiece in its own right. These watches were entirely to his design, displaying the ingenuity, innovation and visual appeal that set his timepieces in a class of their own. As such, George became inspirational to a new generation of worldwide horologists.

Applications for grants and bursaries are open to UK citizens resident in the UK. Applications for apprenticeship support for UK based businesses will also be considered. Although the funds are provided by The George Daniels' Educational Trust, a committee has been set up that reports to the Trustees. This committee, which is formed from members of The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers and The British Horological Institute, known as the George Daniels' Educational Trust Advisory Committee or GDETAC for short, helps to identify suitable candidates and administers the grants and awards procedure on behalf of the Trustees.

Enquiries are welcomed from individuals and horological teaching establishments, and should be directed to

The George Daniels Educational Trust shall also further the higher education of pupils studying or intending to study the disciplines of Engineering, Medicine or Building Construction to students nominated by City University London. Further information can be obtained from

Students Applications for an Award

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